What is Breakfast Music?

  • When is breakfast music played? Usually at breakfast time.
  • What makes it special? It’s relaxing and also upbeat in order to prepare you for another day.
  • Is it easy listening music? Yes. Do you really want intense, emotional music over breakfast!
  • What genres does it include? It’s varied. Can include jazz, classical and lounge. However, it’s breakfast music so not too smooth nor too relaxing as it needs to be upbeat.
  • Whether you are having breakfast alone or with family, friends or work colleagues at home or in a cafe, breakfast music isn’t there to intrude into your personal space. See it as background music.
  • Does breakfast music include song lyrics? Probably not so as not to disturb your train of thinking, talking with family or work colleagues.
  • Is it well known music? Probably not. More likely to be Independent Music (aka ‘indie’ music) which is music composed, created, and produced on independent record labels or by the artists themselves.