What is Breakfast Music?

Breakfast music is often played on radio stations in the morning, usually on a ‘Breakfast Radio Show’. International stations such as 24/7 Breakfast Radio are often on-air 24/7 and can play breakfast music and tracks throughout a 24 hour period so listeners from around the world can listen in their timezone to breakfast music at their breakfast time.

24/7 Breakfast Radio have compiled a list of items that describe different aspects of breakfast music:

When is breakfast music played? Usually at breakfast time.

What makes it special? It’s relaxing and also upbeat in order to prepare you for another day.

Is it easy listening music? Yes. Do you really want intense, emotional music over breakfast!

What genres does it include? It’s varied. Can include jazz, classical and lounge. However, it’s breakfast music so not too smooth nor too relaxing as it needs to be upbeat.

Whether you are having breakfast alone or with family, friends or work colleagues at home or in a cafe, breakfast music isn’t there to intrude into your personal space. See it as background music.

Does breakfast music include song lyrics? Probably not so as not to disturb your train of thinking, talking with family or work colleagues.

Is it well known music? Probably not. More likely to be Independent Music (aka ‘indie’ music) which is music composed, created, and produced on independent record labels or by the artists themselves.